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Mason Report® will not always provide commentary you want to read or hear, but it will always provide analysis that you need to read and hear. Without parsing words, corporate media in the U.S. is an abject failure. They are either beholden to corporate sponsors which frame their biases or they are fearful of antagonizing political establishments after CBS turned its back on beloved anchor, Dan Rather, due to his reporting of former President George W. Bush. Whatever the excuse, the Dan Rather firing adversely impacted journalistic integrity. To combat this, Mason Report® follows one principle – remember our objective.

Our objective is to provide 'an interactive media experience.' That means we interact with our audience. Mason Report® is home to an open dialogue between writers and an intrigued audience that is motivated to contribute.

Access breaking news via the News tab or by clicking the announcement bar at the top of the screen. If you're looking for legal analysis, peruse the Case Commentary section. Editorial coverage of newsworthy items are listed under the Reports tab of the homepage. Utilize Mason Report® Sports "Top 5 Tuesday" as a catalyst for sparking sports related arguments. Listen to Mason Report® Audio - short podcasts that eliminate gray areas, while offering solutions to everyday problems via the Podcast tab. 

Who are we?

The Mason Report® Team's insight and perspective will enhance and drive the dialogue on several issues including: social justice, LGBTQ+ rights, national politics, sports, intersectional feminism, education policy, foreign policy, domestic violence, rape culture, sexual assault, and crime in general.

B.A., Political Science - Stonehill College '07
J.D. - Valparaiso University School of Law '16

Cliff H. Mason II, Portland, OR - Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Cliff Mason II founded Mason Report® in October 2014, from a desire to provide a real news and political commentary alternative to corporate media. Cliff took a hiatus from the classroom after a six-year teaching career, to become more grounded in the law. After earning his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the Valparaiso University School of Law, Cliff returned to the classroom to help young people reach their academic and athletic dreams.   

As a humanities teacher, Cliff prides himself on examining multiple ideas to deduce solutions through logic-based reasoning. Cliff was born and raised in paradise, which is more commonly known as Santa Ana, California. His SoCal roots explain his zero tolerance of fence sitters, believing, 'we can eliminate gray areas with sound judgment and courage of conviction.'

Carnetta Sheffield, Mission Viejo, CA - Managing Editor

Carnetta Sheffield is the owner of THESTYLUX, a fashion public relations business based in Orange County, California. THESTYLUX provides services in brand development, content writing, social media management and website design. Carnetta has been featured in CBSLA, USA Today and Locale Magazine. Carnetta is dedicated to raising awareness of racial injustice. Her many years in the fashion industry, including annual presentations for LA Fashion Week, have inspired her to motivate young people through her guest speaking engagements and hosting of charitable events in southern California.

Tre'Shonda Sheffey, Washington D.C. - Politics Director

Tre'Shonda is an Auburn University graduate with a dual degree in Marketing and Spanish. Before law school, Tre'Shonda consulted on sales and marketing projects for different companies. Raised in Okinowa, Japan but Texas born, with a Southern spirit, this aspiring attorney currently works as a Capital Hill staffer. Her purpose is to bridge the gap for those struggling to eliminate grey areas.

Tre'Shonda enjoys traveling, dinner parties, cooking, fitness, karaoke, but most of all...the SEC and college football - War Eagle! She refuses to stand on the sidelines, it's time to take action, issues of injustice, freedom and inequality are not debatable.

Email: treshonda@masonreport.com

Mirella Beltram, Washington, D.C. - International Affairs

Mirella is an Italian citizen who earned her B.A. in International Affairs from Loyola University Chicago with minors in political science, anthropology, and French. Recently, Mirella earned her M.A. with a concentration in Global Gender Policy and International Affairs and Development.

Mirella is also a Global Research Associate on the Global team with Polaris, an anti-trafficking organization. Polaris manages the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline. For Polaris, Mirella identifies organizations worldwide that focus on trafficking.

Prior to graduate school, Mirella served as the AP Master Spanish Teacher for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District in North Carolina. She believes that equal opportunity education is key to changing the world and her graduate pursuits will help her achieve that end.

Carlo David, Berkeley, CA - News

Carlo David is an undergraduate student studying Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. Before joining Mason Report®, Carlo was a technology and global health writer for the UC Berkeley Blum Center for Developing Economies, a non-profit organization founded by venture capitalist and husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Richard Blum.

Carlo is a 2016 recipient of the Robert T. Matsui Congressional Fellowship, where he worked for then-Chairman of the House Democratic Conference, Xavier Becerra. Carlo's previous work includes advocacy and human rights campaign for criminal justice reform in the state of California, addressing the Sudan-Chad Genocide and providing access to quality education to millions of children displaced by violence and global poverty. Raised in Atlanta and Los Angeles, Carlo considers himself a Southern food and film aficionado.

Email:  cdavid@masonreport.com

Grayson Thompson, Oakland, CA - Social Justice

Grayson is a queer transgender man of color, currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, where he is exploring educational leadership in equity. He received both of his Bachelor's from the University of South Florida in English and Women's & Gender Studies.

Grayson is laser focused on the following issues: intervening to counteract the prison-to-pipeline system we have created for students of color, investigating police brutality and the disproportionate brutality to people of color, and Trans* folks.

"I do not stand in the grey area on any issue. In life we have to make decisions and choose where we stand. I believe in the balances of power to form legislation. I will not bash political parties but highlight arguments made by all and then draw awareness to the root of the problems that exist."

Instagram: _graysons_anatomy_

Myra Spearman, Gary, IN - Social Justice

Myra, a third year law student in Northwest Indiana, founded the nation's first Domestic Violence Registry (NDVR) and serves as its executive director. The registry was formed in 2007 and is modeled after the National Sex Offender Registry. When asked why she believes this registry is so important, Myra adamantly explained, “You cannot take someone at face value. Looking at their past to see if they have had criminal convictions of domestic violence is the most accurate way to determine the worthiness of a partner.”  This belief in awareness and safe dating, harnessed with her education and past experiences, provided Myra with the fire to expand her message beyond the borders of the Hoosier State.