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Trump Shows His True Colors as a White Supremacist Sympathizer

Trump Shows His True Colors as a White Supremacist Sympathizer

During a Tuesday press conference, Donald Trump eliminated any ambiguities related to his white supremacist sympathies. Trump doubled down on his "many sides" blunder, alleging 'both sides were to blame' for the Charlottesville violence. 

Credit: Facebook via Reuters

What started as a targeted gathering of hate-filled neo-Nazis quickly escalated to murder and hysteria when a Trump supporting neo-Nazi named James Alex Fields Jr. fulfilled a terror plot to drive his car into a crowd of counter protestors. Heather Heyer, a 32 year-old Charlottesville resident was struck and killed by the Nazi terrorist's vehicle. 

Since the United States has been devoid of White House leadership since January 20, this terror attack on U.S. soil was ignored till Monday afternoon when Trump was forced to read a prepared statement from a teleprompter. This statement from Trump came three days after the tiki torch wielding neo-Nazi mob first gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of a statue memorializing traitorous Confederate soldier Robert E. Lee.

Trump's staff did a commendable job of crafting that statement to help minimize the damage done by Trump's complicit silence. However, the efforts of White House staff were quickly undone as Trump resumed his reality television antics by combatively engaging reporters and defending the Supremacists that converged on Charlottesville. 

When asked why it took so long to issue an official statement, Trump responded with an all out defense of the neo-Nazis, stating: 

"What about the Alt-Left that came charging at, as you say, the Alt-Right? Do they have any semblance of guilt? Let me ask you this. What about the fact that they came charging with clubs in their hands, swinging clubs?...You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent...Not all of those people were neo-Nazis, believe me. Not all of those people were white supremacists... You also had people that were very fine people. And the press has treated them absolutely unfairly...I think there is blame on both sides. You look at both sides. I think there's blame on both sides."

In case it was initially unclear, Trump was again equivocating the actions of terroristic white supremacists with anti-fascism protestors. For this reason, white supremacists have expressed gratitude for Trump refusing to condemn their actions. In fact, former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke shared at Saturday's fatal Nazi rally, that he was 'excited to fulfill the mission that Trump established during his 2016 presidential campaign.'

Trump worked very hard to court the white supremacist vote last fall. Considering the supremacist wing of the Republican base consists of the most staunch Trump supporters, it is unreasonable to expect Trump to disavow them. Regardless of the optics or social implications, Trump has demonstrated his naked political ambition and he's shown the world that he prefers the favor of the Klan over dignity and following American ideals of justice. 

The 'Law and Order' president is a lawless, Nazi sympathizer who announced his true colors as soon as he stepped away from the teleprompter. What was previously covert dog whistling to racists during the campaign, has morphed into full-scale, public support for white terrorism. 

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