Top 5 NBA Shot Blockers of All Time

Top 5 NBA Shot Blockers of All Time

#5 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Long, lean, and mean when he needed to be. Kareem was more than an unstoppable skyhook. He was a tower that guards and forwards were forced to avoid. 

• Games Played: 1,560
• Shots Blocked: 3,189


#4 Dikembe Mutombo

That famous finger wag was a call to arms. He didn't hesitate to let opponents know that he owned them. When it came to blocking shots, he did! Mutombo was a high energy defender, often blocking two and three shots on single sequences.

• Games Played: 1,196
• Shots Blocked: 3,289


#3  Mark Eaton

• While Karl Malone and John Stockton were busy compiling offensive records, Mark Eaton was busy controlling the paint. Few scored on him and the one's who did, failed to do it multiple times. 

• Games Played: 875
• Shots Blocked: 3,064


#2 Hakeem Olajuwon

Similar to Kareem, The Dream is known for his offensive abilities, while his dominance on the defensive end is ignored. Don't forget, Hakeem won back-to-back championships. He accomplished that feat by anchoring the Rockets defense. 

• Games Played: 1,238
• Shots Blocked: 3,830


#1 Bill Russell

No debate here. Russell is the G.O.A.T. period! The shot blocking category was created to accommodate how Russell played defense. Did you catch that? The NBA never recorded the statistic of 'blocked shots' till Russell arrived. What more needs to be said? 


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