Top 5 Most Overrated NBA Stars of the Modern Era

Top 5 Most Overrated NBA Stars of the Modern Era

#5 Derek Fisher

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Quintessential example of benefiting from playing alongside a mega talent. D-Fish as Fisher is affectionately known in Los Angeles was tough, gritty, and played with an edge, but none of that translates to talent or skill. Fisher knew the Triangle (offense Lakers ran under head coach Phil Jackson), avoided turnovers, and was a great influence over young players in the locker room. But that is the extent of his positive qualities. 

Fisher was slow, stiff, and uncreative. He could not beat defenders off the dribble, and struggled to create for his teammates (which was a hidden deficiency thanks to the Triangle). 

#4 Carmelo Anthony

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Not much needs to be said that hasn't already been said. Melo is revered as the one of the game's premier scorers. He is a perennial all star, mostly from name recognition (certainly not production). Sadly, all Melo seems concerned with is scoring. He doesn't play defense, he can't rebound, and passing is the weakest aspect of his game. 

But besides all that, Carmelo is wonderful. Unless you like...winning. 

#3 Steve Francis

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Has there ever been a player with higher expectations from fans or coaches? Francis was expected to have a great career because he was great, in college. His talent never translated to the NBA, and ultimately his three all-star appearances were a far cry from what was expected.  

#2 Robert Horry

"Big Shot Bob"
Admittedly, Robert Horry is the owner of basketball's greatest nickname. But unfortunately for his former teams, he is not owner of the greatest skill set. Horry's game is oddly synonymous with clutch performances and sharpshooting. Here's the thing, after leaving Houston, the dude played limited minutes (due to his limited skills). He was never a quality ball handler, an embarrassing vertical made rebounding out of the question, and his lack of mobility made defense an overly difficult chore. 

So why the accolades and legend treatment? He made iconic shots. He did nothing for 47 minutes and 58 seconds of games. But when gifted the ball with two seconds left in regulation, Horry managed to find the bottom of the net - making him a folk hero. 

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#1 Lebron James

This may seem blasphemous. But there has never been an NBA player in NBA history to accomplish less than James with an equally talented supporting cast. Heck, James even lost with arguably the greatest starting five ever assembled in Miami (featuring: Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Ray Allen), TWICE. In fairness, only one of those Finals losses included Ray Allen. But both Miami losses in the Finals were to inferior opponents. 

James' only Finals wins were a result of all-world teammates carrying the load, or opponent deficiencies. In Miami, Wade and Allen took all the shots when clutch baskets were needed. While in Cleveland, an injury to James stopper Andre Iguodala, and a suspension of the runner-up to the 2016 Defensive Player of The Year Draymond Green, paved the way for James' third championship. Sure, James led in every significant statistical category in the Finals - but there was NO defensive threat available thanks to unjustifiable NBA intervention. 

James has received passes for being swept in the Finals early in his career, and even for losing to the Spurs a second time in record fashion (largest margin of defeat in history). But we won't rewrite history here. James will have to beat a team at full strength before he loses the title of MOST overrated NBA player ever.  

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