Top 5 NBA 3-Point Shooters of All Time

Top 5 NBA 3-Point Shooters of All Time

#5  Steve Nash 1996 - 2014

Credit: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

• Games Played: 1,217
• 3-Pointers Made: 1,685
• 3-Pointers Attempted: 3,939
• 3-Point FG%: .428
• All Star: 8
• All-NBA: 7
• MVP: 2

- How did Nash beat out Larry Legend (Larry Bird) for the final spot in this Top 5? That's what you were thinking, right? While Larry Legend tops Nash for overall player, he doesn't surpass Nash's prolific 3-point shooting.  Larry could face up any defender and shoot right over the top of them - that's what made him so dangerous. On the the other hand, Nash was one of the most prolific long range shooting point guards to ever play. He ran the pick-and-roll to perfection and made defenses wish they never cheated underneath screens. Nash was lethal! He was an elite passer, and high quality decision-maker, couple those qualities with his long range sniping ability, and that spells doom for opposing defenses. 


#4 Stephen Curry 2009 - Present

Credit: Mark Blinch/AP/SIPA

• Games Played: 535
• 3-Pointers Made: 1,744
• 3-Pointers Attempted: 3,969
• 3-Point FG%: .439
• All-NBA: 3
• MVP: 2 (only player in NBA history to win this award unanimously)
• NBA Championships: 1

- You're probably wondering why Steph is so low on this list. Simple, if he were to retire TODAY, this is where he would fall. If projected for the future, then sure, this would turn out very differently. He's only been in the league a handful of years. At his current pace, he will top this list and place serious distance between the next closest competitor. However, this era of basketball has significantly skewed these numbers. The center position has become all but obsolete, while every other player is expected to be able to consistently hit a 20 foot jump shot. The game has evolved. But that evolution does not earn Steph a higher ranking, just an acknowledgement.

#3 Steve Kerr 1988 - 2003


• Games Played: 910
• 3-Pointers Made: 726
• 3-Pointers Attempted: 1,599
• 3-Point FG%: .454
• NBA Championships: 5


- Is there a more famous 3-point specialist in Illinois than Steve Kerr? The person that many consider "The Greatest" would not have won those final two rings without Kerr's contribution. Kerr ranks above Curry because his shots earned the Chicago Bulls franchise multiple rings. He was clutch, aggressive, and super important for this list, accurate.


#2 Reggie Miller 1987 - 2005

• Games Played: 1,389
• 3-Pointers Made: 2,560
• 3-Pointers Attempted: 6,486
• 3-Point FG%: .395
• All Star: 5
• All-NBA: 3
• Hall of Fame inductee

- Coaches operating basketball clinics that teach players how to run away from the ball and get open using off-the-ball screens, should feature Reggie Miller. He was a defenders nightmare. Not just because he could drain a 3-pointer from anywhere on the court, but also because the player tasked with guarding Reggie would be no factor on offense after they've spent all of their energy chasing Reggie around the court. His signature high leg kick created even more space for his flawless jumper.  


#1 Ray Allen 1996 - 2014

Games Played: 1,300
3-Pointers Made: 2,973
3-Pointers Attempted: 7,429
3-Point FG%: .400
All Star: 10
All-NBA: 2
NBA Championships: 2


- There should be no dispute about who deserves the top spot. Ray Allen has earned this distinction as the greatest 3-point shooter all time. Allen didn't earn this honor by delivering a championship to Boston, or by hand delivering a championship to LeBron and the Miami Heat. Similar to Reggie Miller, Allen could run, run, run, run, and then when he's done running, he could run some more. His speed and high basketball acumen made him an ideal target for passers. Allen was so accurate and consistent for so long, it would take a special ten-year career to unseat the incumbent.

Honorable Mention

Larry Bird

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