Top 5 NFL 1st Overall Draft Picks (1980 - Present)

Top 5 NFL 1st Overall Draft Picks (1980 - Present)

#5 John Elway, Baltimore Colts - 1983

Credit: AP

• Games Started: 10
• Record: 4 - 6
• Passing Attempts: 259

• Passing Completions: 123
• Passing yards: 1,663
• Passing TD: 7

Elway ended up having a Hall of Fame career with the Broncos. He won 2 Super Bowls and 1 MVP.


#4 Eli Manning, San Diego Chargers - 2004

Credit: AP

• Games Started: 7
• Record: 1 - 6
• Passing Attempts: 197

• Passing Completions: 95
• Passing yards: 1,043
• Passing TD: 6

Eli my not have enjoyed the immediate success in win-loss record as other quarterbacks drafted in the first round. But he certainly proved to be the right longterm pick for the Giants. Manning quadrupled his touchdown total in his second season and went on to win two Super Bowls for the G-Men. 


#3 Orlando Pace, St. Louis Rams - 1997

Credit: AP Photo/Kevin Larkin

• Games Started: 9 

Unfortunately for Pace, the NFL's recording of offensive lineman statistics has never been a priority. For example, locating pancake block numbers is impossible. But Pace was the best O-lineman in the league for most of his career. He retired a Super Bowl champion and has since been inducted into the Hall of Fame. 


#2 Bruce Smith, Buffalo Bills - 1985

• Games Started: 13
• Sacks: 6.5

• Fumble Recoveries: 4
• Tackles: 48

Bruce Smith will forever be remembered as the cornerstone of a dynasty. technically the 90s Buffalo Bills led by starting quarterback Jim Kelly, never won the Super Bowl. But reaching four consecutive Super Bowls is as dynastic as it gets. They were perennial powers in the AFC and Smith was the catalyst for their defensive dominance. 

#1 Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts - 1998

• Games Started: 16
• Record: 3 - 13
• Passing Attempts: 575

• Passing Completions: 326
• Passing yards: 3,739
• Passing TD: 26

Though Peyton has not yet been inducted into the Hall of Fame, his career was certainly an exhibition of excellence. Lots of responsibility was placed on Peyton's shoulders early in his career. He was tasked with reversing the fortunes of a fledging franchise, and did it. After his 3-13 rookie start, Peyton carried the Colts to a 13-3 record in his second season. Peyton retired a two-time Super Bowl champion (though his second title was won with the Denver Broncos), 7-time All-Pro, and FIVE-TIME MVP.  

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