Top 5 NFL 2nd Overall Draft Picks (1980 - Present)

Top 5 NFL 2nd Overall Draft Picks (1980 - Present)

#5 Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions WR - 2007

Credit: Jason DeCrow/Associated Press

• Games Started: 10
• Targets: 93
• Receptions: 48

• Yards: 756
• Receiving TD: 4
• All Pro: 3

Calvin Johnson is easily the best receiver in franchise history. If the Lions built a team around Megatron, they would have made more playoff appearances and likely played in a Super Bowl. His combination of heigh, speed, and jumping ability could only be rivaled by Randy Moss. 


#4 Eric Dickerson, Los Angeles Rams RB - 1983

Credit: Gary Ambrose/Associated Press

• Games Started: 16
• Rushing Attempts: 390
• Rushing Yards: 1,808
• Rushing TD: 18

• Receptions: 51
• Reception Yards: 404
• Receiving TD: 2
• All Pro: 5

Dickerson was a once in a generation running back. The former SMU "Pony Express" prodigy was ready for the limelight as soon as he entered the league. He carried the rams for years with little help, but managed to run his way into the Hall of Fame.


#3 Donovan McNabb, Philadephia Eagles QB - 1999

• Games Started: 6
• Passing Attempts: 216
• Completions: 106

• Passing Yards: 948
• Passing TD: 8

In his second season after posting a 2-4 record as a rookie, McNabb led the Eagles to an 11-5 record and a playoff birth. The duo of head coach Andy Reid and McNabb, meant the Eagles were annual contenders. Despite the racially motivated hate McNabb endured during his tenure in Philadelphia, he remained highly productive and the team's most valuable player.  


#2 Marshall Faulk, Indianapolis Colts RB - 1994

• Games Started: 16
• Rushing Attempts: 314
• Rushing Yards: 1,282
• Rushing TD: 11
• Receptions: 52

• Receiving Yards: 522
• All Pro: 3
• Super Bowl Champion: 1
• NFL MVP: 1

Fulk's legendary career was rewarded with an induction in to the Hall of Fame. The Colts drafted the most talented player available in the '94 draft, and his natural gifts combined with his unmatched work ethic paid dividends for both the franchise till his departure for St. Louis, when Faulk led the Rams to a Super Bowl crown.  Faulk was one of the most dangerous dual threat running backs. He could catch out of the backfield like a receiver, and was a threat to score whenever he touched the football.


#1 Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants LB - 1981

• Games Started: 16
• Interception: 1
• Fumble Recovery: 1

• All Pro: 8
• Super owl Champion: 2
• NFL MVP: 1

This #1 pick is a no brainer. LT is arguably the greatest linebacker to ever lace up a pair of cleats. Taylor's on-field tenacity, and championships earned him a spot in the Hall of Fame and a permanent place in the nightmares of opposing quarterbacks. 

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