Top 5 Active NBA Backcourts

Top 5 Active NBA Backcourts

#5 Washington Wizards – Bradley Beal, John Wall

Credit: NBC Sports

• Disappointing to see these two almost fall out of the top five. But Wall is too prone to injury and Beal's rollercoaster shooting performances means they are lucky to to be considered at all for this elite list. 


#4 Toronto Raptors – DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry

Credit: Slam Magazine

• Toronto is fortunate to have these consummate professionals suiting up for them. They may not have the most talent on this list, but they certainly have the best on-court chemistry. No backcourt plays with more passion or effort than DeRozan and Lowry.


#3 Oklahoma City Thunder – Russell Westbrook, Paul George

• There is not a more talented duo in sports than the combination of Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Either one of these can take over a game at will. The Thunder's inability to convert this talent into wins explains their falling to third on this list. Sadly for Thunder fans, Westbrook's inexplicably poor and inconsistent play in the fourth quarter will doom this team from getting over the hump. 


#2 Houston Rockets – Chris Paul, James Harden

• These two are electric! Plain and simple, Harden is a legitimate MVP caliber player, and Paul will be a first ballot Hall of Famer for a reason. Paul's injury plagued career is starting to catch up with him, as he's lost a step from his days in New Orleans. But that doesn't diminish his Globetrotter like ball handling and expert game management. Paul has the basketball acumen to carry the Rockets to the Finals. Whether Houston reaches the Finals will be determined by Harden who is known for woeful playoff collapses. 


#1 Golden State Warriors – Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson

Credit: Sports Illustrated

• There is not much daylight between the Warriors backcourt and the Rockets. Winning three consecutive Western Conference Championships together, plus two NBA championships, plus Steph's two MVP awards, puts these two over the top. There has never been a better shooting backcourt in the history of basketball. With Klay's unrivaled on-ball defensive capabilities, these two (when healthy) are the scariest tandem in the NBA.

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