Top 5 Current NBA Players (2019)

Top 5 Current NBA Players (2019)

Honorable Mention

• Jimmy Butler


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• Paul George


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#5 James Harden

• Points: 31.6
• Assists: 7.5

• Rebounds: 6.6
• Defensive Win Shares: .094

After the Splash Brothers and Kyrie, Harden is the most lethal perimeter offensive threat. Harden can pull up from distance just as effectively as he can penetrate to the basket and earn a trip to the charity stripe with little effort. You may not like his traveling step back, but it works!

#4 Karl-Anthony Towns

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• Points: 24.4
• Assists: 3.4

• Rebounds: 12.4
• Defensive Win Shares: .080

Karl-Anthony Towns is easily the most dominant post player in the league. With the size of a center, and the finesse of guard, KAT creates nightmare matchup scenarios every time he steps on the court.


#3 Giannis Antetokounmpo

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• Points: 25.5
• Assists: 4.9

• Rebounds: 12.2
• Defensive Win Shares: .179

Accolades are seldom married to reality. This season will prove to be no exception. While Giannis will likely win the 2018-2019 MVP, that does translate to best player in the league. Giannis is unquestionably deserving of the award – he had the best season while leading the best team to the best record in the league. Giannis has freakish length and athleticism, which like KAT, poses matchup nightmares for opposing teams.


#2 Kawhi Leonard

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• Points: 31.2
• Assists: 3.8

• Rebounds: 8.8
• Defensive Win Shares: .114

There is no better defender in the league, period. Kawhi is not just a premier on-ball defender, his reflexes and determination make him the best off-ball defender as well. Don’t let Kawhi’s calm demeanor fool you. He is a quiet assassin with MVP skills capable of single-handedly defeating the dynastic Warriors in a best-of-7 series.


#1 Kevin Durant

Credit: Fox Sports

• Points: 34.2
• Assists: 4.9

• Rebounds: 5.2
• Defensive Win Shares: .118

If there was any doubt about who the best player in the league was before accessing this list, you should watch more basketball. Kevin Durant’s combination of length, speed, and skill, propel him into a class all his own. It’s KD then it’s everybody else. KD can shoot over, post-up, or blow by any defender with ease. He is the most unstoppable offensive talent the league has ever seen. When combining his endless offensive talents with his updated defensive intensity, there is no question who the best player in the league is.

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