Top 5 NBA Point Guards

Top 5 NBA Point Guards

Honorable Mentions

• Kyle Lowry


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• Ben Simmons




#5 Kemba Walker

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• Points: 25.6
• Assists: 5.9

• Steals: 1.2
• Reb: 4.4
• +/- (plus/minus): 2.7

Despite being underrated because of the small market of Charlotte, Kemba puts in work for the Hornets. He’s beloved by the fanbase for his grit and toughness and respected by his peers for his tenacious, persistent, logical, game management. With his game savvy, Kemba has all the tools to lead a team to the conference finals. But until he gets adequate help, he will retire a good to great player that never reached his potential.


#4 Russell Westbrook

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• Points: 22.9
• Assists: 10.7

• Steals: 1.9
• Reb: 11.1
• +/- (plus/minus): 2.49

Russ is not just the most athletic point guard on this list – Russell Westbrook is the single most athletic player in the entire league. But sadly, that same physical advantage that makes him such an explosive highlight reel, is also what’s preventing him from evolving as a leader. Sure, Russ can stuff a stat sheet like no player in NBA history. But all those numbers indicate what most of us already knew – his statistical accumulation will not bring championships. Till Russ prioritizes winning over earning triple doubles and destroying rims, he will never play in the Finals again let alone win a title.


#3 Damian Lillard

Credit: Andrew Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

• Points: 25.8
• Assists: 6.9

• Steals: 1.1
• Reb: 4.6
• +/- (plus/minus): 4.97

There is not a more competitive point guard on this list, period. Dame is up for any challenge and is just one piece away from mounting a legitimate challenge to represent the western conference. Similar to Steph, Dame has unreal range. His clutch shot making ability made Portland a force to be reckoned with this season.

#2 Kyrie Irving

Credit: SLAM/Getty Images

• Points: 23.8
• Assists: 6.9

• Steals: 1.5
• Reb: 5
• +/- (plus/minus): 4.15

Kyrie is likely the best pure ball handler in the group. His creativity enables him to expose defenders while earning open shots for himself and his teammates. Kyrie is better penetrating to the basket than anyone in the league. Not only can he finish with either hand, Kyrie can finish using any angle off the backboard.


#1 Stephen Curry

Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

• Points: 27.3
• Assists: 5.2

• Steals: 1.3
• Reb: 5.3
• +/- (plus/minus): 6.91

Let’s start with an undeniable truth – Stephen Curry is special! Steph can literally hoist a shot from anywhere on the hardwood and reasonably expect to make it. No, that’s not hyperbole, Steph can shoot from anywhere! He is the leader of the modern era’s most dominant dynasty and he’s not done filing his trophy case with hardware.

There is no better shooter in the league currently. And there has never been a better shooter than Steph in league history. Couple that shooting mastery with unrivaled court vision, there’s no question that Stephen Curry deserves to lead this list of profoundly great point guards.

Steph is a ball handling magician whose greatness ought to be appreciated while he’s still playing. Don’t make the mistake of waiting till he’s retired to recognize his greatness. Steph has revolutionized the game in ways akin to Kareem. He has had that kind of transcendent impact on gameplay.

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