Top 5 NBA Shooting Guards

Top 5 NBA Shooting Guards

#5 Bradley Beal

Credit: Brian Sevald/Getty

• Points: 25.6
• FG: 47.5%

• Rebounds: 5
• 3pt FG: 35.1%
• Made 3pt: 209

Beal is easily the most underrated talent on this list. If he played for the team you root for, you’d cheer his addition to the roster because deep down you know he is an impact player. Beal leads Washington in nearly every statistical category. To say he is the engine carrying that team is an understatement. His running mate John Wall has only played in all 82 games once his entire nine-year career back in 2013. If Beal played on a team with another (healthy) all-star, they would contend for a conference semi-final. Until management provides him support, enjoy muted brilliance on a below average team.

#4 DeMar DeRozan

Credit: Sam Forencich/Getty Images

• Points: 21.2
• FG: 48.1%

• Rebounds: 6
• 3pt FG: 15.6%
• Made 3pt: 7

DeRozan was a steal for the Spurs last off-season. If unloading Kawhi was necessary to defuse a toxic situation, then the Spurs made off like bandits. They could not have found a better replacement for the Claw than DeMar DeRozan. DeRozan is a born leader who showed flashes of greatness this season.


#3 Jimmy Butler

Credit: Alex Menendez/Getty Images

• Points: 18.7
• FG: 46.2%

• Rebounds: 5.3
• 3pt FG: 34.7%
• Made 3pt: 67

Tough, gritty, and competitive, these are the top qualities of Jimmy Butler. Lots of his defensive tenacity was learned under the tutelage of Tom Thibodeau. Butler’s addition to the 76ers made them instant contenders to win the East. To many, it was the Sixers conference to lose (Philly fans can thank Kawhi for the early exit). With Butler’s improved perimeter shooting, there aren’t many weaknesses to his game.


#2 Klay Thompson

Credit: Getty Images

• Points: 21.5
• FG: 46.7%

• Rebounds: 3.8
• 3pt FG: 40.2%
• Made 3pt: 241

Klay is the best two-way player on this list. There are no better spot up shooters in the entire league. Combine Klay’s perimeter shooting accuracy with his elite defense and you have one of the NBA’s most skilled two-way players. Klay has as much if not more range than every player in the league. His length, defensive intensity, and pinpoint accuracy are why he deserves consideration to lead this group.


#1 James Harden


• Points: 36.1
• FG: 44.2%

• Rebounds: 6.6
• 3pt FG: 36.8%
• Made 3pt: 378

Harden may not have the defensive acumen of Klay or Butler, but he more than makes up for it with his dominant offensive play. Harden is dripping with so much talent it’s hard to imagine he was once a reserve player. Granted, he played more minutes than some starters on that Thunder team. but the fact remains, Harden came off the bench not too long ago. Now, his unstoppable step back and Magic Johnson like passing have taken the league by storm. Once Harden commits to consistently playing defense, he’ll be in a class all his own. Harden is a living breathing cheat code that earns trips to the charity stripe at will. Harden is capable of producing gaudy numbers on every team’s best defender. He is that dominant!

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